As you all know, I am the great, Miss Dino!

But to inform you, I am not really a dinosaur. I am just a girl who’s favorite non-existent animal is a dinosaur. Fun right?

I like to read a lot, and sometimes I get so into my reading, that I don’t even notice what’s going on around me. And this tends to make me a very bad listener, so do not put a book in front of me unless you want me to ignore you.

Uh… I live in the U.S! Do you know that thing where you live somewhere, but you think where you live is so boring? Well, that’s me. I really like to travel, but I never travel a lot, so when I do I take a billion pictures and have so much fun. I also like to travel because I find packing so fun, but that probably isn’t something most people enjoy. I don’t see why not though, it’s fun and relaxing!

My favorite season is winter because you get to wear leggings and sweaters and ankle boots, and I find that outfit idea so adorable, so that’s my go to outfit that you can guarantee to see me in.

I love to watch any superhero movie, I am introverted around most people, but when I am with my friends, I tend to get a little crazy and wild. I think way too much you’d think I am crazy, but then again, that is why I made this blog, to write my thoughts. I love to take pictures of things, not me. I simply don’t like taking my own pictures of myself, I don’t like looking at pictures of myself. I listen to music that isn’t usually modern day, but still sound amazing to my own ears!

I think that’s enough about me for today.. so I am just going to go…..

But don’t call me ‘thebloggingdinosaur’.

Call me Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.