Well, hello!

Welcome to my second home, and please feel free to come at any time, the door’s always opened- never locked!

This is the place where I usually just relax and write, because it’s basically a writing home. I mean, there’s furniture, but that’s really only for my guests.

Here we talk about a variety of things, a variety of which I’m trying to sort out and make all organized and whatnot, but until then it can stay the messy jumble it is. But please, don’t mind the messiness here and there, I’m only trying to make it neater as I go, and that’s quite hard so don’t let that affect your decision on staying too much.

But speaking of that, I never mentioned my name! I wouldn’t want people to come and go, and possibly stay, but never know who I am, now would I?

Anywho, my name is Chelsea; but you can call me Miss Dino, or the Lady of the Dinosaurs. Although as a less formal name, I’d prefer it if you all just called me Miss Dino.

Going back to the topic I was on before, I post:

Bookish Book Times

Fashion Frenzy.


I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays unless I say that I’m unable to do so. Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you can stay.